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¿What is NQUEN?

Mexican company that fuses entrepreneurs, agribusiness, technology and cryptocurrency where the employer can choose any of their different Nq investment contracts to make them profitable by kilos of Tequila blue agave pineapple and receive a return to jimar as described in our business model.

¿Once the harvest is done, to whom do they sell the pineapple?

In the case of the raw material for the elaboration of tequila, NQUEN has several customers waiting for the harvest (jima), consumption is assured for the next twenty years and the growth in demand is expected to be exponential.

¿How long has the company NQUEN?

The shareholders have a lot of time in the Agribusiness, NQUEN starts in March 2018 to manage the platform www.nquen.com.mx allowing the general public to have access to invest and make profitable in the Green Gold.

¿Where is NQUEN located?

In land with characteristics and logistics for the cultivation of Blue Agave under the denomination of origin (DOT) in our case in several municipalities of the states of Guanajuato and Jalisco.

¿Who is behind NQUEN?

Landowners, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Farmers creating the innovative transformation within the cryptocurrency system, with multiple vision of their remuneration, recognition, projection and profitability programs.

¿Who is the CEO of the company?

Engineer Alejandro Torres Ruiz, Mexican businessman graduated from the UNAM, with academic preparation in administration and finance IMDI, IMP marketing and others. More than four decades collaborating in the Manufacturing, Oil and Shoe industries and in the commercialization and distribution of several brands.

¿In how many countries can the web platform www.nquen.com.mx be used?

As far as you want and how close to using the internet, the online platform will be in Spanish and English, the limitation is based on the legislation of each country for this type of business.

¿What is the sector that NQUEN is targeting?

To all the people interested in making profitable and obtaining multiple benefits when developing the Network Marketing industry from the sowing of the Blue Agave.

¿Why develop a Network Marketing system?

NQUEN will impact lives achieving a better economy through the agricultural sector, providing the financial and innovative opportunity, uniting the new digital era of cryptocurrency with traditional agriculture. The system gives the opportunity to grow horizontally and deeply, receiving benefits that are described in the platform.

About Profitability

¿Why is the performance period 2,190 days?

It is the necessary and ideal time to reach the maximum proportion of quality and weight of the PIÑA product obtained by jiming the Blue Agave for the sale of the one who processed it for the elaboration of Tequila and / or other products derived from this plant. Obtaining the highest profitability and productivity of the process.

¿How does NQUEN guarantee investments?

a) There will always be a mirror plantation; that is to say, in any other place within the lands (DOT) open another one equal to the one that is planted with the investment of the entrepreneur to prevent any damage of the nature or variation of the wreck of the PIÑA.

b) Each sowing cycle will be limited and regulated up to the amount of one million US dollars and the investor will not be able to contract more than six (6) packages per cycle. Strict control and balance will be maintained between the amounts sown and the contracts made.

c) We guarantee to have valid all the federal, state and municipal registers and certifications in denomination lands (DOT) that accredit the cultivation and give certainty to the business.

d) To be in a position to carry out the operation before a Public Notary that faith of the investment attached to the elected and / or assigned by NQUEN in the place, date and time. The costs that could be generated will be covered by the investor.

e) Any contracts that were within each cycle are inheritable at the moment of contracting, the beneficiary is specified, providing his general data for validation.

f) Your passive investment is guaranteed, armored and / or insured by NQUEN in the face of any contingency or catastrophic situation that would prevent you from reaching the end of the PIÑA growth and fee by returning the amount of your NQUEN contract plus the interest that would have been generated according to the rate annual interest or the CETES rate for 28 days, whichever is less established by Banco Nacional de México. We give full security and confidence to our investors.

g) The Bank of Mexico is the central bank of the Mexican State. By constitutional mandate, it is autonomous in its function and administration. Its purpose is to provide the country's economy in national currency and its priority objective is to ensure the stability of the purchasing power of that currency. Additionally, it is responsible for promoting the healthy development of the financial system and promoting the proper functioning of the payment system.

¿What requirements are indispensable to register and enter?

a) Majority of age in Mexico 18 years and older

b) Fill out the complete form.

c) Bitcoins for the payment of NQUEN contracts

d) Wallet or digital wallet for bonus payments.

e) Have valid official identification for registration.

f) Beneficiary of legal age with valid official identification.

¿When and how will I receive the profitability?

Fifteen days after the expiration of 2,190 days in your virtual office will appear the amount for you to act freely reinvest or process the withdrawal.

¿Should I declare the profits before the tax authority?

Yes, of course, the fiscal part will be the sole responsibility of the owner and will depend on each country according to its rules.

¿Can the purchase be canceled?

If you will have 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the operation and / or acquisition of the NQUEN contract to be able to exercise this right with the 50% penalty sending the mail to the company info@nquen.com.mx stating your request. 15 days later the bonus will be made. After this period it will not be possible to retract and will be governed by the terms and conditions.

About the compensation plan

¿When can I receive benefits from the compensation plan?

Once you enter and acquire one of the NQUEN contracts in the virtual office you will visualize a green line that indicates ACTIVE, there are several plans where the effort and growth of the Network Marketing business model is recognized, quickly achieving your investment and additional income in a way surprising.

¿When do I collect the compensation plan bonuses?

Immediately on working days, under bank hours from Monday to Friday, what Tu and the network generate on Saturday, Sunday or holidays will be reflected the next day.

¿What is the percentage that I receive for recommending?

- 10% Level 1 (Direct entrepreneurs)

- 6% Level 2 (Employers recommended by level 1)

- 4% Level 3 (Employers recommended by level 2)

¿How much can you earn per day on the Binary Bonus?
¿What requirements do I need to obtain the Binary Bonus?

An enrolled and paid affiliate entrepreneur, two direct referrals, one positioned on the right and one on the left, must comply (enrolled, registered and paid).

¿What depth limit can I earn in the Binary Bonus?

Without limit, there is no expiration, there is no expiration.

¿What do I get if I refer to a large number of direct?

Get the planting bonus.

¿What are the necessary contracts to be able to benefit from the Forced Matrix Bonus?
¿What is the requirement to activate the Forced Matrix Bonus?

There is no condition, only that you are active with a purchase of a contract Nq 600 or more.

¿What are the percentages you can receive in Bonus Cosecha?

About the network

¿How can you change your name or transfer any contract NQUEN?

Send a handwritten letter specifying the general data to whom the contract is transferred, we will have to wait for the validation by NQUEN as well as receive the payment of one hundred (100) US dollars for administrative expenses.

Note: It is restricted to three (3) changes per user only in each crop cycle

¿Can you change sponsor or leader?

It is NOT possible to change position within the NETWORK, the system is irremovable if you can refer to and approach another leader in ascending form, sending a handwritten letter specifying briefly the reasons for its decision and it will be subject to the new leader accept it

¿What happens with the NETWORK if the inheritance is applied and the beneficiary takes a position?

Once the succession of the beneficiary has been validated, as it says, all the benefits in the position in which it was found will be enabled, as well as the possibility of continuing with the business model Network Marketing

About payments

¿ What currency are the payments made?

The platform is created to carry out the operation with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, that is, when you enter and buy any contract, NQUEN automatically executes the transfer or conversion and in the same way the profits and profitability of the investment will be paid. BITCOIN: It is a consensual network that allows a new payment system and a completely digital currency. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer network driven by its users without a central authority or intermediaries. From a user's point of view Bitcoin is money for the internet.

Dollar (USD): The US dollar is the official currency of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that is taken as a reference for the purchase of orders or contracts offered by NQUEN through its website. Making the clarification that is not paid, nor receive dollars is only used as a reference to convert to cryptocurrencies that will be used for the payment of the corresponding dividends according to the compensation plan. The tab of www.blockchain.info is taken as a reference

Cryptocurrencies: Also known as Cryptocurrency is a digital means of exchange, ensuring the security, integrity and balance of their account statements through a network of transfer of segmented files or transfers of multi-source files that are mutually verified as miners and protect the net.

¿Why the payment of an additional $ 100 membership to my contract?

Fee required by NQUEN for the maintenance of the page and administrative expenses.

¿How long does it take to get to my or digital wallet (Wallet)?

Once the withdrawal process has been completed for 24 to 48 hours, it will be reflected. If this is not the case, it will be necessary for you to verify in Blockchain, since sometimes the network traffic may be delayed, you can also check for more information in your virtual office .

¿Why is Blockchain Technology and why is it so important?

To understand what blockchain is and how this technology emerged, we must mention the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. In November 2008, under that pseudonym an article entitled Bitcoin: An electronic cash system of Peer-to-Peer on the cryptography mail list metzdowd.com was registered. The text details how to use a computer network to create a digital transaction system, what we know today as a chain of blocks or blockchain.

Unlike the traditional currencies that are issued by a central institution endorsed by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed, for its acronym in English) or the European Central Bank (ECB), the objective of Satoshi was to face the institutions by creating a decentralized system in which nobody had power over the issuance of the currency. What he did or did was create a program that anyone can download to a computer to issue Bitcoin. MinerGate, GUIMiner or CGMiner are some of the most popular cryptocurrency mining programs. Once installed, it connects and forms part of the large network of computers that make up the block chain and becomes a cryptocurrency issuer. In January 2009, Nakamoto launched the first Bitcoin software to the network and with it the first coins.

¿What is the perfect and unforgeable record book?

The biggest innovation of blockchain technology is that it keeps a perfect record of every transaction that is made with each Bitcoin, including from its mining to each subsequent sale of it.

"All [the computers] have to download the [blockchain] program and start mining [Bitcoin] and validate it before the payment happens. It has to be copied in all, it's the same process, "said Amín Vera, chief economic analyst at Black Wallstreet Capital Mexico. To accelerate this process and allow faster transactions, last August, Bitcoin was divided into two: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which requires that the movement record be copied to 35% of the blockchain to validate the purchase of a currency digital, and Bitcoin Classic (BTC), which requires 75%, because originally 100% was needed. Eventually, the file is copied across the entire network.

¿What is the technology of BITCOIN?

All cryptocurrencies are based on this same bitcoin or blockchain technology. To mine a digital currency, the computer receives through the program a mathematical problem of computation, called block, that the machine must solve. You are paid with the cryptocurrency every time you throw the answer to a new problem. The cost of mining a bitcoin represents the consumption of electricity and the wear of the computer to solve the assigned equation.

¿How much or how is the BITCOIN regulated?

The [blockchain] program is configured so that by 2140, no more than 21 million bitcoins can be generated no matter how many computers you put to mine. How do you do this? Through a program that increases the difficulty. That is another of the wonders of Bitcoin, it self-regulates.

¿What else is there to know about BITCOIN?

Bitcoin self-regulates by making difficult the level of complexity of the computational mathematical equations that the computer must solve by block. The program is configured so that each time that 2016 blocks are resolved, the block creation rate is adjusted automatically. In this way the process occurs constantly every two weeks.

The number of bitcoins generated per block and, therefore, the reward for the mining of each block, is programmed to decrease geometrically, with a reduction of 50% every 210,000 blocks, which occurs every four years or so. The next cut in the reward for mining will occur within two years, approximately at the beginning of June 2020.

In this way, the mining of Bitcoin distributes the 21 million units so that the last one is issued on May 7, 2140. Therefore, the more people there are mined, the longer it takes for the computer to solve the equation, since the level of difficulty is adjustment in automatic. The logic of many of these constants was never justified by Satoshi.

In summary:

The blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize the world. Bitcoin and blockchain offer the opportunity to build a system as complex as you want, as or more complex than the current financial system but which is not based on the dollar or any other currency, is based on a decentralized value. From there you can do with Blockchain everything you do with money: you can make a payment system, deliveries, microcredit, create mortgages, buy cars, finance to start a business. It is to change the paradigm, it is to create a new currency.

¿What is the withdrawal fee?

The movements and transactions will have a cost per event of three percent (3%) of the total of the operation.

¿What is the minimum withdrawal?

It is established that the minimum amount to withdraw is one hundred (100) US dollars for each event.

¿Are there terms and conditions?

If clear on the Web www.nquen.com.mx you will find the tabs to have access to the Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure, Privacy, Terms and Conditions for the use of the Platform, Terms and Conditions to perform transactions and contract purchase NQUEN

¿Can a Moral and / or Companies acquire NQUEN packages?

NO the business model is designed for individuals, entrepreneurs who want to invest and have passive profitability or much better to those who want to make Network Marketing and get high profits.

¿Are there words and technicalities that I do not know?

There is another tab that in the Glossary in Terms and Conditions that can help you or go to info@nquen.com.mx for any questions, available during office hours.

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