"It's not about ideas; it's about making them come true"


"Be a hopeful negotiator."


"Invest for your future, invest for your life."

Our Assets

Our assets land, planting, technology, entrepreneurs and investors. We select the best product quality, as well as the demand of the harvest; we use innovative tools that allow the expansion and exponential growth in Agroindustry Agavera.


The Green Gold, name given to NQUÉN, icon in the economy and agroindustry, is a monocotyledonous plant with flower, of the genus of agaves. From the knowledge of the benefits of this crop was born NQUÉN, a proudly Mexican company in charge of its CEO Alejandro Torres. It is located in the upper part of the municipality of Romita – Guanajuato, region with appellation of origin for the production of Blue Agave. A Hybrid Model has been created, merging land, agave, people team, technology, investors and profitability in the field of Agave Agroindustry bringing together a visionary group, with experience, determination and professionalism to share the traditional story of the blue agave planting.



Pioneers as a public limited company promoting investment in Mexico, to create a financial culture in various sectors of society at international level providing innovative assets, developing sources of employment, with sustainable, reliable, ecological and technological bases.


Provide society with means of diversification and profitability through NQUÉN as an innovative company, generating an integral lifestyle, merging environmental and technological premise with financial freedom in order to make the dreams of the NQUÉN community come true.


Position ourselves as leaders in the field of Agro-industry Agavera, innovating the link between nature and economy, working as a team, achieving an integral lifestyle, forming entrepreneurial brokers that achieve financial freedom.


Generates passive and active gains in Agroindustry Agavera; sector of high supply and demand, in global expansion, participating in the benefit of the jima from any place. Make profitable and capitalize with NQUEN.

Curious fact

The ancient settlers considered tequila a gift from the gods. Legend has it that one day an agave plantation was stricken by a lightning which made the plants to open and burn for a few seconds. Astonished, settlers noticed the aromatic nectar coming from the inside of the plant, which they drank with fear and reverence.

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